Where to go out

The city of Kalamata offers countless options for food, coffee or drink. Below we present the most important areas of the city where you will find countless shops for all hours of the day.

Central square of Kalamata

Village of Vassileos Georgiou square is the central, elongated square of Kalamata, one of the busiest places in the city. It is 397 meters long and about 45 meters wide. It is surrounded by Aristomenous Street in the east, Frantzi in the south, Railway Station in the west and Nikitara in the north.

At the Vassileos Georgiou square of Kalamata is the composition "Freedom", a hero for the fighters of the Revolution, Kolokotroni, Papaflessa and Mavromichalis. The monument was created by the sculptors Theodoros. I. Kolokotronis and Aliki. M. Hatzi in 1978.

The central square of the city is a reference point for its recent history. With countless shops and cafes around it is a pole of attraction and a meeting point for residents and visitors.

Distance from the apartments: 800 meters

Historical Center

The Historical Center of Kalamata is one of the most characteristic points of the city, being rather its trademark and the point that connects the past with its present. In recent years, moreover, the old town has become the area that gathers more and more people all hours of the day from morning to night.

From lunch to dinner or dessert in the evening, the shops in the historic center will surely satisfy all your taste buds.

Jasmine & Magnolia Apartments are located in the historic center of Kalamata, making access to the historic shops a matter of minutes.

Distance from the apartments: 35 meters

Kalamata Marina

The area around the city marina, is a special part where locals and visitors can enjoy their walk, coffee, but also their food in the various cafes, taverns, restaurants and ouzo that exist along the area, gazing at the view, the beautiful mountain and sea complex and its calm waters for moments of relaxation.

Distance from the apartments: 3 km.

Kalamata beach

The coastal road is an attraction in the summer months for people of all ages. With a very large variety of cafes, taverns, patisseries, shops with ice cream, crepes and waffles, but also shops for a night out, it is sure to meet your every desire. Along its entire length, the coastal road has all kinds of shops

After your coffee or food enjoy the walk along the beach.

Distance from the apartments: 2.5 km.