Nearby beaches

Your stay in the city of Kalamata, could not but include carefree moments in the crystal clear waters of the Messinian Gulf. Calm seas, picturesque coves, turquoise waters and organized beaches that offer everything in the Messinian Gulf, the beaches of Messinia cover all tastes with their variety. See some of the closest and most beautiful beaches you can visit during your stay in the apartments Jasmine & Magnolia.

Kalamata beach

One of the most beautiful places in the city of Kalamata is its beach. The beach of Kalamata is 2.5 km long and you can get there even walking from the city center and enjoy your swim.

Along Navrinou Avenue, with the big pedestrian street and the palm trees, the beach of Kalamata, which has been awarded a blue flag, is paved with fine pebbles and deepens smoothly, while the fact that it is located in the center of the closed Messinian Gulf ensures warm and quiet waters.

Distance from the apartments: 4 km.

West Beach of Kalamata

Very close to Kalamata, between the estuaries of Nedontas and those of Pamisos, those who seek a quiet and unorganized coast, find their own edema in this peculiar Mesopotamia.

Sandy for the most part, it spreads over a large area and has access to various parts.

It does not have the crowds that the beach in Navarinou gathers, nor many shops along it (probably few) but it has its own loyal audience and its own wilder, more secluded beauty.

Distance from the apartments: 5 km.

Rocks of Kalamata

In the rocks of Kalamata, which are located right next to the old pier of the city, you will find gray sand, while the dives from the pier entice young and old. On the road above the coast there are several fish taverns to satisfy the… ligoura that swimming brings!

Along the beach and about 5-10 meters from the beach, you will see the rocks that gave the beach the name Vrachakia Kalamata. They had been placed there before, as "breakwaters", so that the sea water would not come out on Navarinou Avenue on days with severe bad weather.

Distance from the apartments: 2.8 km.

Verga beach

Village of Verga beach is only 5 km from the city of Kalamata and is essentially the extension of the beach of Kalamata, in front of the settlement of Ano Verga. It is pebbly with calm and warm waters. It has many beach bars and is very popular especially among young people. At the Verga beach are gathered all the clubs of Kalamata, which operate after 12 at night and until the early morning hours.

Village of Verga beach has all the infrastructure, umbrellas, sunbeds, cafes, restaurants and everything you need you will find there. Together with the adjacent beach of Almyros, it is one of the most important tourist resorts of Kalamata where both Kalamatians and tourists, Greeks and foreigners flock every summer.

Distance from the apartments: 6.7 km.

Almyros beach

Village of Almyros beach is one of the most popular and busy beaches of Kalamata. It is located 6 km east of Kalamata, just before the turn that leads to Messinian Mani.

Village of Almyros beach is paved with white pebbles, has sunbeds and umbrellas and of course plenty of cafes and beach bars. It is ideal for water sports such as water skiing and wind surfing. It also has a beach volleyball court for sports fans.

The landscape on Almyros beach is magnificent. On the one hand the turquoise waters in which the olives and palm trees that reach the beach are reflected and on the other the imposing Taygetos. And in the background the city of Kalamata.

Distance from the apartments: 8 km.

Mikri Mantineia beach

At a distance of 10 km east of Kalamata, you will find beach of Mikri Mantineia,in a magnificent location, in front of the village. Where Taygetos spreads its foothills, it merges with the wonderful blue of the sea and makes beautiful coves drowned in the green.

Village of beach of Mikri Mantineia is paved with white pebbles, is awarded the Blue Flag and provides a lifeguard in its center. There are many bars and cafes on the beach, as well as a plethora of taverns that almost touch the sea. In beach of Mikri Mantineia there is plenty of free parking by the beach.

Village of beach of Mikri Mantineia, as well as the entire east coast of the Messinian Gulf has developed into an important tourist resort of Kalamata. which attracts visitors in the summer, not only from the region but also from various parts of Greece who come here to enjoy their dives in beach of Mikri Mantineia overlooking the imposing Taygetos.

Distance from the apartments: 9.8 km.

Sandova beach

Village of Sandova beach is located in the area of Avia, 12 km from the city of Kalamata to the east. It is one of the most cosmopolitan beaches in the area as it has many beach bars, which organize almost every summer party with famous DJs from Greece and abroad. Evening parties are also famous Santova beach with small fires on the beach and drinks literally on the sea.

Village of Sandova beach has fine sand, with small pebbles as the sea begins. It is the only beach in the area that has sand although its width is not very large. Over the Sandova beach there is parking on the street, but it is limited in relation to the large number of bathers who choose this beach.

Village of Sandova beach is ideal for young people and for those who prefer "noisy" situations, crowds and fun until late at night by the sea.

Distance from the apartments: 14 km.

Kitries beach

At a distance of 12 km from Kalamata to the east of the Messinian Gulf is the picturesque fishing village and the Kitries beach. It is a small beach with green waters, paved with pebbles and scattered rocks. The vegetation, rich in the area, reaches the sea.

Village of Kitries beach is suitable for families who prefer peace. It has a few sunbeds and umbrellas and of course, is surrounded by fish taverns that offer fresh fish on the beach.

The route from the cosmopolitan beach of Santova to Kitries is very picturesque. It passes through small settlements, touches the sea and sees the tiny coves, while here and there it leaves the coastal and invades with turns in the hinterland, through olive groves and orchards. The road enters the small settlement of Kitries and reaches the sea and the Kitries beach.

Village of Kitries beach although small, attracts many visitors in summer, mainly due to the natural landscape that surrounds this small cove.

Distance from the apartments: 16.5 km.